Antonio Garza

Antonio Garza

The Work Portfolio of Antonio Garza is a collection of a bunch of stuff that Garza has worked on in the last few years. Born and raised in-between the United States and Mexico, he calls both Chuco and Juaritos his home. He wishes to leave the internet prettier than how he found it.

Garza is an alumni of The University of Texas El Paso, where he got his Computer Science degree. Self-taught in the graphic design department, he has the skills and smarts to take on any-scale projects, be it the human-computer experience or the back-end mechanisms to make magic happen, and if anything else were to fail, he surely has the optimism to think on his feet, learn new technologies, and get things done. He is currently open to new creative opportunities to make something worth wild.

He has been told in the past that he has a particular and unique way of seeing things and it reflects on his designs[1]. While his current 8-to-5 has taken over his work time, Garza now focuses his efforts in projects he finds most passion in, from the promotion of local businesses to supporting the cycling community in his border towns.

He traded his car for a bicycle. Collects playing card decks. He has an irrational love for Pro Wrestling, and yes, he does realize that it's fake.

[1] He is color blind.

Software Engineer/Developer

I have over 8 years of experience with object-oriented software design, implementation, and maintenance, specializing in Java development, SQL Databases, and web-based development. My Acquired experience comes from the software manufacturing industry, working in web-based systems, standalone software applications, database management, and data analysis. I have designed and developed software applications and/or modules, databases, and website UI/UX as well as server-side functionality.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
University of Texas El Paso
Graduation Date: August 2009
Overall GPA: 3.25, Major GPA: 3.43
Show Relevant Classes
- Software Engineering
- Object-Oriented Programming
- Web-based Design & Development
- Human-Computer Interaction
- Database Management
- Semantic Web & Cyber-Infrastructure
Show Certifications
2013 - ITIL V3 Foundation


Hewlett-Packard Enterprise
October 2013 to Present - El Paso, TX
Sabre/Metrix - Software Developer, SLA Production Support
Java based web application maintenance and enhancement development. On-call production support.

Cenovus Energy, Inc. - Application Steward, Developer
Change and incident management for 15+ applications, vendor and home built. App enhancement development on Java and Ruby on Rails for fixes and new features.

Healthways - Data Analyst
Data analysis on a large scale oracle database, developing retrieval queries on PL/SQL. Ad-hoc vendor specific report generation. Process documentation writing and maintenance.

Bright Sol Technologies - Web-based Developer
October 2012 to September 2013 - El Paso, TX
Design, development, and maintenance of website UI/UX as well as back-end components. Optimization of Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL web systems. Documentation writing and maintenance.

UT El Paso, CYBER-ShARE Center of Excellence - Research Assistant
October 2008 to August 2012 - El Paso, TX
Research on areas of knowledge representation and provenance annotation supporting science and engineering. Designed and developed software to capture and encode provenance of manual and automated processes.


Programming Software Languages
Java - 9 Yrs Photoshop - 9 Yrs English - S W R
SQL - 7 Yrs Eclipse IDE - 6 Yrs Spanish - S W R
HTML/CSS - 7 Yrs SQL Developer - 2 Yrs
Javascript - 5 Yrs Visual Studio Code - 2 Yrs
PHP - 5 Yrs
Ruby On Rails - 2 Yrs
Currently Learning: Vue.js, Atomic Design, and Java Hibernate ORM.

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